I knew he was in a petulant

Friday, June 28, 2013

 The Anwen boyfriend patted his shoulder and said: Never mind, just pay, part-time driver. red pine is not mad, or is so calm smile. that night four drank a bottle of the red side, aprada bags uk bottle of Chivas. Really red pine to buy a single. Scattered, he drove the first to send the pair to go home, and then sending me. I asked why he likes when taken for a ride. he smiled and said: not unjust ah. I pay them to accompany me entertainment, free I am lonely, bored, very fair ah. you like men, also lonely, bored why not? I like a man lonely, bored? Shining eyes staring at me. moment I do not know how to answer. Some of his words, exports became provocative.

This man, not the surface appears to be as lukewarm. the night to go home and sleep, pour a glass of red prada handbags parents is not nice. my heart to know he said something wrong, but thrown out of the water, how to be collected back. the evening Chen Wei to pack toiletries, said to go to the hotel to accompany their parents to live. I knew he was in a petulant, not to stay strong. Others are good, is too Xiaodujichang. call Yue Anwen go to bars. Her boyfriend brought over, and actually followed by red pine year.