I prod him further

Saturday, June 15, 2013

 I sneak his age on to the top in Smarties, then make another for school, with chocolate fudge icing. This is, however, a psychological illusion. The other woman http://www.123pradabags.com/ or the other man merely serves as a pretext for dissolving or a marriage that had already lost its essential integrity. Nothing is more futile and more self-defeating than the bitterness of spurned love, the vengeful feeling that someone else has come between oneself and a beloved.

This is always a distortion of reality, for people are not the captives or victims of others they are free agents, working out their own destinies for good or for ill. But the rejected lover or mate cannot afford to believe that his beloved has freely turned away from him and so he ascribes prada bags sale want a plain square one. Are you sure? That's easy. With sweets on it? He purses his lips in thought. Ok. I think he's humouring me. I prod him further, and he chooses something for his birthday dinner, something he has every week. I rather admire how matter of fact he is. He's one of those children that asks for a calculator and a toothbrush for Christmas. While he's at his father's, I make a square cake.