Yingying has been guardian

Sunday, April 21, 2013
I named Yingying is a purely female drought duck partner, close to rafting destinations only 3 km prada uk rapids, prada uk outlet kayak a wave leave your child in the rapids of the stone, and then a The wave of children coming the poor female drought duck scared head to the back, the center of gravity, Headers fell into the water. I want the hero to save the beauty, a jump in the past, but the water too fast, too late to stabilize, they are only allowed longest Shanmuhe this most urgent water washed down after more than 100 meters long is finally in sight, was forced to stop in shock. In this case, the female drought Duck Yingying has been guardian of the staff here propped agreed in advance prada bags Athe 640meter gap, prada uk outlet team kayak turn over more than half, some kayak repeatedly turn over several times. Whenever someone turned the boat fell into the water, the prada uk outlet Yo drink, gloating cheap prada bags, giggled alarm tone resounded through the valley resounded through the cloud. Of course, before the acute water beach the prada uk outlet is very cautious, there is still a lot of landlubbers need protection, there are many pseudo the teal can not toss.