The key to the adjustment of golf clubs

Thursday, July 18, 2013


The key to the loft adjustments of best golf clubs is a new hosel design. Previous adjustable hosels, Ping says, were too bulky, taking precious grams of weight away from other areas of the club head design where the weight could have been better used. The Anser adjustable hosel, Ping says, is lightweight - the same diameter and mass as Ping's traditional fixed hosel.

With the adjustable hosel, golfers can add or subtract a half-degree of loft (this requires using a Ping torque wrench). Adding loft also closes the face, while subtracting loft opens the face. More fine-tuning is available through shaft selection, with four shafts - Ping TFC 800D, Aldila Phenom, Fujikura Blur Red and the Mitsubishi Diamana 'ahina - that deliver different trajectories by varying in weight and stiffness profile. Ping-certified club fitters will be able to help the golfer select the most appropriate shaft for his swing type of best ping driver.