I thought to grow up

Friday, June 28, 2013

With him, talk to him, I just listen quietly on the side. Like the feeling with him, like to hear his warm voice. The acquaintance soon became buddies. I think we can always do man, always happy to go. However, God does not seem to think so. day, Feng said he likes the fun, my good friend. I seem insensitive, casually said something: Aaa9175aaa fact, Hou, Fen was a very good relationship. He is very concerned about fen, fen also like to play with him.

Remember Fen told me very happy with him. Fen birthday, maple bought her a big Cheap Supra Trainers bench, knocked over the stove he hesitated and soon be laughed frankly, have fundamental towel, and I prefer the real you. he really would not let her Department scarves, frankly pull her hand out on various occasions. a kid, like a fairy tale, like the ending of the story, like to see the prince and princess live happily ever after. Reading a story, I would fantasize about to become a princess in the story, beautiful and happy. I thought to grow up, I can be a princess, has become the center of other people care. Grow up, only to find everything so far 17-year-old Cheap Supra Shoes understanding of maple, a laugh a very sunny boy.