gps jammer Installation Considerations

Monday, July 15, 2013


An antenna to be inserted to the hole position, Wifi Jammer, the subject of the antenna hole numbers and figures are subject to be consistent.

Second, the power adapter (with some hosts) host is far from the best point, so as not to affect the host the best results.

Third, the antenna should be tightened. Host plugged in before booting the antenna, the antenna plug antenna too loose or not, will affect the host effect and life.

Fourth, if installed on the first floor and the second floor is not installed, the floor is installed shielded antenna down the best open areas.

Fifth, the best choice for indoor installation, operation because of poor waterproofing measures, if installed outdoors should consider installing waterproof plastic boxes and other measures, attention perforated ventilation, do not close the bottom of the box could be considered, such as prisons then consider installing in the wall. Gps Jammer

Six, gps jammer best mounting height of not less than 1.5 meters from the ground. The installation location less than 200 meters away from the mobile station, the shielding effect is proportional to the distance from the base station.

Seven, if it is installed in prisons, schools, or other places requiring long-term power may be considered by the time controller to control the boot screen time, that by the time the controller to control the total switching power supply to achieve the shield is free to set the time, such as during the day without shielding is not boot at night to shield the boot.

Eight, gps jammers installed as close to the window, so that the shielding effect will be better.

Nine, installed in the prison, could be considered directly installed in the prison wall, consider installing a station every 15-20 meters.

Ten, installed in the examination room, if it is two classrooms with a shield, cell phone booster for sale, install the middle of the corridor in two classrooms, if installed inside the classroom, then install a classroom every one, but the installation location and far as possible try to install windows in parallel , mounting points are relatively parallel to install a best a classroom.