LED voice lamps Features

Monday, May 13, 2013


Voice-activated led garden lighting is long life, high color rendering index, short start-up time, high luminous efficiency, low operating temperature, materials, environmental protection and many other advantages, but also some more prominent advantages:

(1)A very low power consumption: LED lighting in terms of energy consumption than ordinary energy-saving lamps save more than 60%, coupled with intelligent voice chip upgrade, LED intelligent voice-activated fluorescent lamp energy saving more than 90%.
(2)Warranty: voice-activated LED lights purchased from domestic customers generally 3-year warranty;
(3) The integration of advanced technology, intelligent voice core, intelligent voice-driven integrated into a LED sound light, the installation is very simple, the price is approaching the ordinary LED lights
(4)Reduce operating costs, high return on investment, with remarkable results.

The voice solar led street lights applications
Garage lighting retrofits, engineered for factory lighting, School lighting engineered, hospital lighting engineered, supermarket lighting engineered, shopping malls lighting engineered, banks and other day to be a long time lighting place.