Atrium venue to share space

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home Burberry style extended model will Jiemian Sha Ling hushu

Zhen To define the style mansion height Herve Leger

Ridge hushu into a unique space, the main colors of black and white ash immediately so that feelings calm down, homing boats dock here, busy day here resting in the hustle and bustle of the city, but also to have a quiet of their own .

Living and dining background echoes, like beating the wall shape and light melody for the entire space adds a hint of Yue, looks transparent and lively. Furniture and accessories, using Burberry pattern, set off in black and white gray color, the more prominent. No burdensome stuffing, good taste is still manifest

Atrium venue to share space, the water runs through the two layers of glass curtain wall, curtain Smart, light hazy. Gurgling water, wash the dust of the busy city, into the hearts from lack of nourishment. The crystal clear glass with water curtain dynamic intertwined, like a beating heart, for the entire space to add vitality.

Exquisite details to create an elegant space cheap heels

Ridge hushu came second floor space, two suites greeted. Connecting to the balcony south parents room space, spacious and comfortable. Horsehair wall background decorated with bronze rivets, reflecting a hint of nostalgic feelings. North of the boys room, wall nautical-themed wallpaper, with starry blue top, fully embodies the characteristics of the boy's age.