5 Health Problems Caused by Technology and How You Can Avoid Them

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Innovations in technology can be great. They can save lives and allow people all over the world to communicate and conduct business without ever leaving their offices. But there is always a flip side to innovation that creates challenges which cause some people medical issues. As technology continues to take over, we need to learn how to fend off the health issues that come with it.



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Technology makes it possible to go shopping, see a movie, visit with relatives and order dinner all without ever leaving your home. The more that technology does for us, the more sedentary our culture becomes. The result is an epidemic in obesity that creates its own long list of health issues. The solution is to step away from the computer once in a while and go for a walk or take a bike ride.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When we type on a keyboard or use a mouse, it affects the muscles wrapped around the nerves in our wrists and forearms. As those muscles get inflamed, they tighten around the nerves and we get carpal tunnel syndrome. It is extremely painful and often requires surgery to repair. The solution is to use ergonomic keyboard and mouse wrist rests whenever we use the computer. It also helps to stop typing at least once every 15 minutes and just stretch out our wrists and forearms.


Video Game Addiction


With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, people can now have access to video games no matter where they are. Some people get addicted to stand alone games, while others find it hard to put down the Interactive games that can be played with people all over the world. High speed Internet makes this kind of gaming possible and you can Click here to learn more about it. Counseling can help you to fight video game addiction and learn to play in moderation.


Vision Issues


The longer we stare at the little icon flashing across a computer screen, the more damage it can do to our vision. It used to be that the radiation from CRT televisions and computer monitors was the problem. Now the issue is the extreme detail in computer imaging and the consecutive hours each day that people spend staring at these images. The solution is to simply look away and give your eyes a rest a few times an hour. Maintaining at least a distance of 24 inches between your eyes and your computer screen also helps.




It doesn't matter how old you are, the repeated motion of typing on a computer keyboard, using a video game controller or texting on a phone will cause problems with your joints. Your wrists and the knuckles in your fingers will start to swell and arthritis will settle in. The solution is to remove your hands from the computer device and stretch your fingers. Reducing the amount of time you type or play games is also important.

New technology always finds ways to make life better and it can also make life worse. The key is to use innovations in the way they were intended and not to abuse them. A lifestyle of restraint will help solve most of your technology-related health issues.


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