Be Authentic

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 • Atlanta, GA 30312

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: "I think people want to follow authentic leaders, not perfect leaders...To be AUTHENTIC is to be real" (John C. Maxwell)

Represent the Real YOU, in everything that you do. The facades of perfection are tirelessly fading and even in some cases bullying and intimidating. People are human and therefore should be humanistic. Be who YOU are and who YOU were born to be. Represent your Confident self, that says "I AM Proud of who I AM", not the cocky-self that says "I AM too Prideful in "Who I AM". Sharpen that with a bit of Intelligence that says I understand and always observe, "What I AM". And don't forget to take humility with you that says; I AM learning, refining and growing in "Who I AM". This is the essence of AUTHENTICITY. Be Real. Be You. Be Growth. Be Authentic.