Customized Fat Loss_ Dialing Diet

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dialing diet containing carbohydrates are preferred foods that have a low glycolic index (for example: chocolate bar has an index of 70, while vegetable salad 10) .Customized Fat Loss Free Review The more the glycolic index is close to zero, the more suitable food.

Proponents of the zone diet recommended drinks containing caffeine and consumption of liquor (wine is allowed, but in reasonable quantities) Visit Web

Customized Fat Loss Scam As with many other diets, zone diet advocates warn that a return to the original way of life is associated with adverse yo-yo effect.

Who Is The Zone Diet?
Since the Zone diet was developed in collaboration with athletes is intended primarily for them.

Allows you to naturally build and solidify muscles with adequate physical exercise.
But it is equally suitable for those who want to lose weight healthily, are willing to change your diet and see how to wait several weeks to months. Customized Fat Loss Review Due to the low content of carbohydrate
Zone diet is a necessary sacrifice in the form of a large reduction in the consumption of sweet. what I can and can not in Zone diet?

It is allowed and encouraged to consume: chicken and fish vegetables and fruit (in small amounts) whole grain bread low-fat dairy products nuts olive oil and margarine Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

It is not advisable to eat: white bread potato pasta
Sweets (including honey, ice cream, chocolate, etc)