Kyle Leon Scam - Risk of suspected medical decision

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Risk of suspected medical decision
After analyzing the family and personal history of women, you get a DNA sample almost always got blood from a prick conventional. We performed a first study, which is the longest, until you find the genetic mutation responsible for increased risk of cancer in family specific. This process takes a few months, and the discovery of the mutation involves the adoption of one or more strategies.

The first one is to make a closer monitoring of the patient for the purpose of early detection , not prevention, early breast cancer: shorten the intervals at which you do the diagnostic tests and annual mammography is performed, from age 30, along with an MRI. Now, thus, identify 95% of tumors at an early stage and 80% in very early stages, while the mammography alone escaped 50% of these cases click the following page
The second is to prevent cancer by reducing the risk of developing a tumor chemoprevention agents or surgery. The surgery involves removal of the ovaries in the per menopause (prophylactic oophorectomy), which decreases the risk of breast cancer by 50%, and mastectomy.

For the recovery of these people is not enough just to complete overcome their psychological problems. Must rediscover aspects that are basic to enjoy a full life , such as learning, smiling, giving, admire, forgive, trust, accept, acknowledge, risk, sense "The ingredients depend on the specific case, each person has unique needs, Hera’s concrete.
The construction of happiness click the following page

One of the heavyweights of positive psychology is the psychologist, has devoted much of his professional life to the study of happiness. As advocated in his book "Flow: the psychology of happiness' happiness depends on each one. It is not a matter of bad or good luck. Each person can build your own happiness.