Endurance Training

Sunday, May 22, 2011 • Denver, CO

So you're training for a race this summer and want to do your best.  To ensure you're capable of running your best race there are a few key things to remember.


a)  Increase your distance each week only as much as you can handle. Running 5 miles the first week and 20 miles the second week does not allow your body to adapt.  The same applies to biking and swimming.  When doing any endurance race, proper progression is key.  The recommendation is no more than 10% per week in distances when running.


b) Nutrition, Hydration & Sleep. These three things are essential to your training regimen.  Although they are sometimes overlooked as important, these 3 things ensure that you have proper preparation before training runs, swims & bikes and they help to recover/adapt your body after a 15 mile run and 45 mile bike.  Drinking at least 8 oz. of water every 15 minutes of exercise is recommended.  If you're training for longer than 90 minutes at one time, drinking something with electolytes and sodium may be beneficial in performance as well.  When it comes to Nutrtion there are millions of recommendations but in my opinion the closer to raw, the better.  I don't mean eating a raw steak or egg, I mean eating stuff with little processing.  The more food is processed, the less nutrition your body can derive from it.  Last but very important is sleep.  Sleeping at least 8 hours a night is recommended, but I think if you are tired and need more sleep during your longer training times, take naps.  It is essential to sleep since your body recovers, adapts and progresses during rest and not when you're training.


If you would like more information on performance training please contact me!  Take care and keep moving!