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Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Sandilands said the loveable star, who's of Polish decent and it was an open spokesperson for any weight reduction brand at that time, would shed more pounds weight times xiangshou coffee 'in a concentration camp'.The comedienne made light of the turbulent relationship on current affairs show The Project recently and quipped: 'He must 
have been the wicked queen!' when host Anthony Lehmo raised the problem.She also touched on her nervous about her second public attempt to lose weight after 
she regained the kgs she famously lost in 2011.
'It's not every just bang all done in one go,' the Kath And Kim star said of her weight loss journey.
'It was reported in New Idea, I've lost two stone already which I'm absolutely thrilled with.
'It's been steady but very slow, occasionally I veer off but that is real you know you need to be real about this, which means you know I'm really thrilled.'
Appearing on 2Day FM's breakfast show in March, she blamed 'calorie amnesia' and a broken rib as the causes of re-gaining the load she lost when her first 
cope with the load loss giant ended in 2011.
She initially shed 36 kilos on the program but place it all back on again and it has since resigned from Jenny Craig for the second time.
She said 'calorie amnesia' was when you 'forget how much you've actually eaten', and explained what living with it was like.
'It just gains momentum, the amount you eat obtain a bit bigger again and also you start to forget "calorie amnesia" as they refer to it as,' she said.
The Kath and Kim star said it was important to be mindful when eating.
'A large amount of that's just for the reason that calorie amnesia fog and also you don't really realise what you are doing, so keeping track of it helps 
enable you to get get back on track,' she said.
Despite her weight natural slimming coffee gain, Magda said she was hopeful she'll re-lose the load saying she'd were able to maintain it for 'quite a while' before putting it back