Active Health Activity

Thursday, February 10, 2011 • Chicago, IL 60657
Our bodies are designed to move.  Similar to every other animal on this planet if we didn't move, we would not survive (or at least have anything close to a high quality of life.)  The way I see it, we are here, we might as well make the most of our time here.

The first sentence of 'Rehabilitation of the Spine-A Practitioner's Manual" reads:

"Activity has been shown to be effective for preventing or treating many of the most common chronic ailments in our society today."  

Being able to perform daily activities with no pain is a small goal I have for my patients.  Sitting and standing, touching toes, getting off the floor, carrying your groceries and moving from point A to point B are some of the bare necessities of independent living.

What does it take to perform those tasks pain free with relative ease?  More.  It takes more!

Suggested forms of exercise you read about in magazines and newspapers such as going for a walk or joining a water aerobics class is only getting the extremely sedentary to do something.  However these forms of exercise are not going to make daily tasks easier.  Playing in the water is not going to give you the strength you need to get off of the ground.

Self assessment: 
1) Can you touch your toes?
2) Can you get down to and off of the floor?
3) Can you sit and stand without the use of your hands?
4) Can you step on to an elevated surface?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions what can you do to answer "yes"?