Foot Pain

Thursday, February 10, 2011 • Chicago, IL 60657

Foot pain is a common problem for many people for various reasons including, large body mass, bad arch support or weak feet, foot trauma, prolonged standing, improper shoes, and tight hamstrings.  Your feet are hurting, don't just neglect them!  Whether you are an athlete running 30 miles a week, a high-heeled bank teller, a grandpa, or just overweight, self-management is key to minimizing the pain your are experiencing.

Most often people lack natural movement with their feet.  Upon waking, many just stuff their foot into a rigid shoe and that's it.  It just sits in there for hours each day.  Similar to a cast for broken bones, this immobilization causes weakness of the foot and lower leg and can even negatively change your gait which usually leads to an array of other problems!

Do this:

-Exercise your feet (move them)...gripping and extending your toes, walking barefoot in sand or anywhere.
-Consider thinner soled, flexible shoes.
-Lose some weight if you are overweight.
-Talk with your doctor about orthotic shoe inserts.