10 Reasons to Be a Fool For Fitness; Lean is always in.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

So reason # 2 to be a Fool for Fitness this month is because Lean Muscle is so "in" year round, trend in, trend out and pretty much all the time.  Muscle acts like a fire place in your body and burns more calories than any other body component.  So, I personally, using that concept, like the fact that I feel like I can eat more.. of the right foods, of course.  But seriously the more muscle you have the hotter you run and that leads to weight loss.

Weight loss is not only better for your health, but also your ego.  Don't we all feel better, badder and sexier as we lose weight.  So.. pick up those weights and pump some iron.  If you are already practicing the power of the pump, but don't feel like your body has changed much lately, change it up.. try some new moves, add some more resistance, do a new routine...well you get the picture.

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