May; National Health and Fitness Month...Start by doing what you can...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fitness Tip from The National Health Information Center...."Start by doing what you can and then look for ways to add a little more." 

Here's the good news...anything you do that is more than what you are already doing counts!  And... it counts big time. So, if you are currently doing nothing as far as exercise goes, even just getting out 15 minutes a day for a stroll counts.  If you are already pursuing exercise and want to improve both your physiological/healthful benefits plus enhance appearance results then adding intensity or time to each session and/or adding an extra exercise session a week will boost the benefits.

The message here is that even the smallest change makes a big difference regardless of how fit or unfit you are.   Every little bit counts and adds up over time to big dividends. If you even burn 50 extra calories a day that's 350 extra calories burned per week and you get all the improved physiological good stuff, too.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that your state of mind will improve with that extra movement. And you'll probably be pretty darn proud of yourself, too. 

Want to be even prouder of yourself and get more done everyday?  You can move more and do more with this one simple step. Plan a chore a day.  Do it as soon as you get home.  I find that it breaks the cycle of getting home, sitting, the TV or the computer goes on and then more sitting occurs.  With all that sitting tends to be more eating.  What I have found is that if I get right to the scheduled task, it tends to lead to another taks and another and before I know it an hour has gone by, I have been moving more, eaten less and wow do I feel good about myself and where I live.  You can simply move more with just one more chore a day plugged in to what was previously a sedentary time of the day. 

And, I'll leave you with just more tip...don't want to miss your favorite show, but want to curb the munchies.  Keep your hands busy. One of my favorites is to clean out a drawer. Most drawers are removable and can be taken to where your TV is.  Sort and organize during your TV time in order to limit the urge to snack.   The cleaner your drawers are the cleaner your insides will end up being.

So add something, anything and just simply move to improve!

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