How Many Hours in a Day Can a Personal Trainer Work and Still be Effective?

Thursday, February 03, 2011 • Washington, DC 20016

This is a question that I've been recently pondering over and over in my head. Yesterday (Feb 2nd, 2011), I took the morning and early afternoon off from my career as a personal trainer. This eliminated 7-8 clients or sessions and left with me with one in the mid to late afternoon. Let me tell you: this left me feeling very energized and refreshed. Now, I must say that I never take a day off, except for Sunday (and if you know me, Sunday is not a day off because it's the Lord's Day and I attend three worship services on this day), so perhaps this is why I felt an abudance of energy and excitement. This really lead me to question just how effective am I with training 7-9 sessions M-F and 3-4 sessions on Saturday every Saturday? Is this physically and mentally possible to do on a week in and week out basis? I deal with various type of clients and along with this, comes various types of attitudes, personalities, energy levels, etc. that could all have a profound affect on me as their trainer. Now, let's tie into this equation my personal, outside of the gym life. I'm a husband, father, brother, provider, supporter, comforter and encourager just to name a few. These responsibilities all kick in once I walk into my home after a long day of training and honestly never stop. Needless to say, I think you've figured out by now that it is hard for me to keep up the type of schedule that I have and still be effective. So, my goal is focus more on working smarter, not necessarily harder. The first thing to focus on is taking more time off. The other thing is to focus more on passive streams of income. In addition to my passion as a personal fitness trainer, I would also like to be a fitness educator with NASM, a free lance fitness writer and do more online/virtual fitness coaching. I know this is the best path for me to be the most effective trainer that I can be and still provide for my family! In directly answering the question I stated in my title to this blog, I believe 5-6 sessions/day is the maximum number that will allow me and you (if you're trainer) to be the most effective (i.e. have great energy, stay focused, progress their workouts, email them articles, re-assess,etc.) trainers we can be!