Visual Impact Muscle building For Women

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not all of the muscles develop evenly, some need to exercise more intensely.

Dealing athletic gymnastics must have a thorough understanding of the structure and characteristics of the muscles. To do this, you need to study anatomy skeletal system, human physiology.visual impact muscle building review

We will talk about how to promote individual muscles or groups who are most determined person's appearance. Trapezius, also called a hood. Flat, wide, consists of at least two triangles converging on the spine. It connects the base of the neck, the vertebrae of the spine, shoulders and upper shoulder to shoulder outgrowth of the end of the clavicle.

Dismisses the head back - When lifting weights moves the blades toward the spine and presses them to the chest. The latissimus dorsi muscle extends from the lower back to the side of the thorax. A thin, flat, triangular, the largest by area, tendons are the base of the triangle formed by the location of six bones of the chest and five lumbar (hip). At the bottom of the muscle is connected to the pelvis, the top of it is attached to the humerus. It also interacts with the respiratory muscles. Pectoralis - wide, thick, almost triangular.

Tendon is attached to the clavicle, sternum, lower ribs and humerus. With the reduction raises his hand to the clavicle (for example, when climbing a rope). External oblique abdominal muscle is a flat, thin, rectangular one.