Science Knows More About Your Sex Life But You Don't – For True!

Thursday, July 03, 2014



Science knows a lot more about people's bodies from a sexual prospect than people know their very own bodies. What is astonishing about this reality is this. They can ascertain certain things about an individual just from certain research that they do. Science does know a thing or two when it comes to a person's sex life and what they do know may totally surprise you. Do read on to learn more about this.


An Average Rack Means You'll Be Definitely Attracting Sexist Guys

According to some new scientific research that is out about sex, guys do actually prefer women who do have medium sized breasts. This was something that was learned from research gathered from the College of Westminster. Researchers did analyze how 361 males did react to 3D models of women who did have different breast sizes. Researchers did learn that 32.7% of these males did prefer medium sized breasts as being the most attractive to them of all the varying breast sizes that they did witness 3D models of women. Researchers did come to the conclusion that males do view these size tops with traditional femininity. This asserts that male do think women are both meek and weak.


It's All In The Fingers

According to research that comes straight from the country of Korea. Men who do have index fingers that are much shorter than their ring fingers are exceptional. Why is this so? This is because it is supposed to be a sure indicator that a man has a big package penis wise. However, with this said, is bigger really better or what? The answer tends to depend on the man and what he thinks about his own junk personally. Each man is different at how he views his privates, and with this said, it's all with the fingers.


Boobs, Boobs, They're Good For Your Heart And Your Lifespan

A scientific study done by a German doctor named Katren Weatherby is something that still does require authenticity. However, this German doctor did find that ogling a woman's boobs for ten minutes is something that is actually good for a man's lifespan. It can add five years on to his lifespan, according to this study, which is sort of amazing. This study did involve three hospitals In Frankfurt and it involved looking at the health of 200 men for a period of five years. These men who did take In more boob sightings not Only had lower blood pressure, but they also, did have lower pulse rates and were less likely to develop any forms of cardiovascular disease as a result.


Top Heavy? You'll Only Attract Guys Who Want Kids

Based on research that was published for Psychology Today, they researched the topic of “evolutionary perspective on breast size,” and learned that guys who aren't interested for siring children were totally turned off by women with big breasts. There was 67 males who participated in this study, and they were of college age, in their 20s. It goes to show one thing and that is that young men of this age who have no clue to what they do want in life. This study was carried out by Christopher Burris and Armand Muntaneau. These two men, plus the college guys, do believe that the sign of a large chest on a woman has to do with just bearing and nurturing children.


Longer Legs Gives You A Leg Up On The Competition

In Poland, Boguslaw Pawlowski and his team did ask 218 male and female volunteers to rate the overall attractiveness of digitally altered images of guys and women. The participants didn't know this, but the researchers did change the images, and part of this alteration was to do with their legs. The legs were changed to be average or Longer by 5, 10, and 15% longer. They found participants were far more taken with legs than looks, figure, body shape, or anything else.


The Bigger The Manhood, The Higher The Flight Risk

According to research recently published the PLOS One, males who do have big penises are more than likely to be cheated on by their wives, and researchers did come to this conclusion after interviewing 545 married couples for Kenya. So, with this said, these women apparently do appreciate the small fry as opposed to the Big Kahuna penises out there.


The Bigger The Hips, The Bigger The Number...But The Better The Body

According to the results of a study done by researchers at the College of Leeds. Women are more than likely to have one night stands, if they do have wide hips. These very same researchers were also able to note that women with bigger hips were far more sexually open on all fronts. This is because they are better evolutionary at popping out babies on the average.



The scientific facts do all come together at the end of the day. This is because researchers determine certain factors from their collection of research on the study of sex up close and personal. According to a recent article that was published in Nerve, the shape of a person's body is a very strong indicator of the size of the romp, as well as, the rowdy that will be their romp too. Science is an amazing thing from lots of aspects and sex is one that is opening up a very revealing door.