Sunday, February 02, 2014 • Bronx, NY 10463

   Two bicycle delivery men sued the Domino’s franchisee that employed them, accusing it of minimum wage and overtime violations. The names of these two men are Anatole Yameogo and Rodriguez Herrera. They are working for Domino’s pizza shop on East 89 Street in Manhattan. I remember Domino’s pizza shop between 74 and 75 St. and 1st Ave; I lived there 2 years ago. Delivery men are working very hard every day, often risking their lives; I don’t even mention the bad weather, when delivery men have to work in intolerable conditions.

  But what that article reminded me of? Why is it important for me? This article raised my feeling that I was experiencing working for Bally Total Fitness a few years ago!

  I reading newspaper: “Anatole Yameogo, remembers working from 10a.m. to 8p.m. one Saturday, but his pay stub said he worked just five hours that day.” Exactly the same happen to me, when I working many hours but… without any pay! Yes, it happen in our days, it happens in Brooklyn’s Bally Total Fitness, and Yes, I am women, immigrant, over 40, I don’t know what to do… So I decided to start my own business, when my family moved in Bronx.

   I continued to reading the article that telling me that one worker, Mr. Rodriguez brought complaint to the State Department of Labor, but the Department did nothing!

    In my mind again I saw the pictures how this workers working on 75 St  put a lot of effort to deliver pizza on time…

Yes, while we are living in New York, we are often experiencing discrimination because of our age, nationality, gender, et cetera... And it is great that we have in New York very brave people who standing for their human rights to be and stay Human in New York! The names of these heroes again are– Anatole Yameogo and Carlos Rodriguez Herrera, also Karen Cacace, a lawyer for the Legal Aid Society, which delivered the case. … And I would like to say big Thank You to Bally Total Fitness that “helped” organize my own business in Bronx!