Wednesday, February 05, 2014 • Bronx, NY 10463

Today I can barely walk and ride to my home – train is not working, sidewalks are a complete mess and one snowstorm followed by another, lower temperature did not give people any relaxation... But! Why I was so interested in this article? In New York situation with drinking water are excellent, near my apartment - huge Reservoir with drinking water, nothing to worry about! I may take shower as long as I want, the water may be running all day through my faucets, electricity - the lights are on in every room in my 3-bedroom apartment in Bronx, garbage I have no time to separate right, because I am too busy with my own Business…Do you recognize yourself? You may say sure, it is true, but we are not having problem with drinking water in New York, it only concern California. Though I understand that cold snowy weather in New York is directly related to big Drought that now takes place in California and Nevada, Los Angeles and Sacramento. It is the terrible sigh of Global Warming, and if we continue with our habits and behaviors, we will face much more serious problem here in New York with water supply, just like in California.

   I am continuing to read the article:

-The University of California Cooperative Extension held a drought survival session in Browns Valley…

 - Farmers in Nevada…had given up on even planting…

 - Farmers in California and New Mexico - forced to cell cattle!

 - Pollution in the Los Angeles has returned to the dangerous level, the air is brown!

 I don’t want that the air in New York become brown, or that beautiful Wave Hill have no water for gardening!

But what should I do now?

Taking classic “stop-start-stop-start” shower

Stop fishing and camping in summer, because it causes fires

Cut back drastically on taking showers, washing cars and watering lawns

It also helps to conserve electricity, prepare recyclables right, help collecting trash bags on the street that are flying all over the Bronx! When I am running in Van Cortland Park, I always collecting flying bags in the forest and feeding birds near my apartment during such cold days as they have very hard time, too!