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National Posture Institute News Story: New high heeled sneaker trend is dangerous, according to podiatrist

LAKE OSWEGO, OR–(Marketwire – Mar 14, 2013) – Podiatrist Jon T. Fitzgerald has paid close attention to the new trend of high heeled sneakers, which he asserts can prove extremely damaging to individuals who follow this new fad. In response to a recent article published by the Huffington Post, Dr. Fitzgerald has released a press statement explaining how these shoes can cause several health complications for individuals who wear them — particularly young girls who are eager to adopt this trend.

According to the article, the latest shoe craze is the high heeled sneaker. These shoes have a wedge and can have the same lasting effects on podiatric health as traditional high heeled shoes. In addition to causing issues for women, the shoes have been cited as hazards for young girls who have taken to wearing them to school. The article quotes a principal in the Los Angeles area as saying: “this is a big problem and it needs to be stopped.”

Dr. Noah Blumofe, who is a podiatrist in Los Angeles, explains why these shoes are dangerous. The article quotes: “When you look at heels in general, once you go ABOVE 1.5 inches, the entire dynamic of your body changes. When we walk, we go from a heel strike to full loading of the foot to pushing off the ball of the foot. When you are 2″ and above, you spend the ENTIRE time on the ball of the foot. This forces increased pressure on the ball, causing the fat pad to shift, and press on the heads of the metatarsal bones, which may cause nerve pain. Then you are causing the achilles [sic] tendon to shorten early, which is a major cause of foot pains, such as plantar fasciitis. Then it causes your pelvis to tilt, along with your entire body’s alignment.”

“The daily use of a high heeled shoe will ultimately create some very long standing problems,” comments Jon T. Fitzgerald. “The muscles in the back of the legs will begin to contract, causing tendonitis of the Achilles tendon. With time, this will put pressure to the back of the foot, leading to plantar fasciitis and arch pain for years to come.”

Dr. Fitzgerald encourages individuals to refrain from wearing high heels for long periods of time and to discourage young girls from adopting the trend of high heeled sneakers, as this is a shoe style that can cause permanent damage to their feet and legs.


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