Customized Fat Loss - "Key" for Slimming Protein at Breakfast

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Customized Fat Loss : A breakfast of abundant proteins may be what they need to weaken those trying to improve control hunger and reduce snacking. Scientists from the University of Missouri, USA, found that foods like eggs and lean meat products in the morning can affect nutrition throughout the day, drastically reducing the consumption of snacks with too much fat or sugar in the afternoon. The study was performed in 20 overweight or obese girls aged 18-20 years, who are not used to eat breakfast.

The researchers asked them to either eat a breakfast consisting primarily of eggs and lean meat or classic breakfast cereals. The two types of breakfast provided the same calories (was 350), fiber, fat and sugar, but had very different protein content, as this with eggs 35% of calories come from protein. The volunteers filled in questionnaires, while during the day they gave at regular intervals blood samples.Info resource By Customized Fat Loss

Moreover, before breakfast were functional magnetic resonance imaging to record the brain signals controlling food cravings and eating behavior that is driven by a sense of faithfulness. The MRI was repeated after eating. As shown by the comparison of the two, breakfast with lots of protein provided greater sense of satiety and hunger reduction in the activity of the brain responsible for cravings for snacking.   In addition, the volunteers who had eaten a lot of protein ate less fattening snacks in the afternoon.

"These findings suggest that a protein-rich breakfast may be a good move to avoid overeating during the day and improve the quality of their diet," said head researcher in the Department of Nutrition and Physiology Exercise of the university. As pointed out by the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” (AJCN), the volunteers ate eggs and waffle burrito or apple egg and a beef sausage breakfast with as many proteins. However, also says: a more realistic alternative is a yogurt and bread with cottage cheese or boiled eggs with bread and cheese. Regarding the concern that many people do not manage to eat in the morning because they have become accustomed, stresses that it takes about three days to get used to eating the body early in the morning,”