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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

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Two and a half hours of moderate aerobic activity a week is enough for adults who want to keep fit. Children and teens need more exercise however: at least one hour a day. These instructions are included in the new guidelines of the U.S. Department of Health, following an examination of scientific research of the last decade. Instructions The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services compiled based on the assumption that adults, teens and children can easily adopt them and integrate the exercise in their daily routines. Course, how much exercise you need someone or what exercise is appropriate depends largely on age, physical condition and medical history.

"The message is simple: Get involved, whatever way you choose. Work out in your own way, "said U.S. Secretary of Health. Children and Adolescents An hour or more of moderate or vigorous aerobic exercise daily, the program should include exercises vigorous physical activity at least three times a week.Read More About Kyle Leon Reviews

Moderate exercise is mountaineering, skateboarding, biking and brisk walking. Intense exercises include skipping ropes, running, football, basketball, ice hockey or in the grass. Children and adolescents should also include in their program exercises such as abdominal muscle toning, three times weekly, and exercises to strengthen bones. These include the skipping ropes and running. Adults to maintain good health in adults, experts suggest a half hour of aerobic exercise at moderate intensity or one hour and 15 minutes vigorous physical activity a week. Fast walking, water aerobics, the gardening are examples of moderate intensity exercise.

For something stronger, adults should choose jogging or swimming. And if you are not happy with them either, they can increase the hours of five (moderate exercise) or a half of strenuous exercise. considered necessary at least twice a week and adults do muscle toning exercises such as weights and abs. Adults older ages if allowed by their physical condition and state of health, can follow the adult program. But if a chronic condition does not permit, exercisable within their capabilities,

If you are at risk of falls should do exercises that enhance balance. Pregnant and gymnastics Although there is no medical reason and if women are healthy, they can make a half hours a week of moderate intensity exercise such before and after childbirth, and of course to share these times at intervals throughout the week.