Benefits of Alcohol Detoxification

Monday, May 12, 2014

Alcohol detoxification is the first part of any rehabilitation plan. It is provided in the first days of being in alcohol rehab program. The goal is that you abstain from alcohol to get you started in quitting compulsive or excessive drinking. Alcohol detox must be done in a qualified facility with the help of certified alcohol detox and treatment specialists who can monitor and help in the management of withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when you suddenly stop drinking.


It is better to receive alcohol detox from a treatment centre rather than attempting to detox on your own. Withdrawal symptoms can go from mild to severe, depending on the severity of your drinking problem and your level of tolerance for alcohol. Sometimes, withdrawal symptoms may become unbearable and devastating, so medical assistance will be necessary. Alcohol detoxification from a CQC-registered alcohol detox rehab facility can give you the following benefits:


  • Physical safety. The sudden cessation of drinking alcohol can be deadly for most long-term and heavy drinkers. Physical and medical problems tend to develop during the course of their alcohol addiction, so detoxing without medical assistance might cause a shock to their bodies. The most serious complications can result to death and coma. By being in a professionally managed alcohol detox program, you will be monitored and assessed by a medical professional to make sure that you are safe while going cold turkey.
  • Mental stability. Suddenly quitting alcohol can be stressful and challenging. The cravings can drive you crazy or cause you act irrationally, irritable, and anxious. All these mental issues can become obstacles to long term recovery, so you need to consider alcohol detox in a monitored and safe alcohol treatment centre.
  • Establish the foundation and will to recover. Alcohol detox can begin your journey to sobriety. The first weeks and months of treatment can set your foundation to a lifetime of sobriety. Make sure that you are off to a good start with an alcohol detoxification program that works.