Immune To The Effects Of Sake Health

Friday, April 11, 2014

Digestive problems, asthma and rheumatic pain or arthritis, and cleanses of cholesterol in the blood and kill different types of worms and parasites, and blood purification (counteracts this and kill vampires), and relieve chronic respiratory diseases, infections, and;

Atherosclerosis, cancer and childhood diseases, circulation, colds and flu and colitis, cramps, diaper rash, diarrhea, and Apple, ringworm, migraine headaches, and clear nasal passages and sinus congestion, and reduces the high temperature, clean the liver, and;

Strengthens the prostate gland, warts, ulcers, and sexually transmitted diseases of various kinds, and sore throat, athletes foot, hemorrhoids, skin disorders, gastritis, constipation, diabetes, anemia, heavy metal poisoning, epilepsy, diphtheria, and;



Hypoglycemia, and conjunctivitis, cold sores inside the mouth, and herpes simplex 1 (cold sores outside the mouth), and meningitis in the spine and viruses

Leaves: in salads or class to be used the same way as garlic or onions Green Leaves: stimulate appetite, and flavor of the food, a mild laxative, aids digestion;

Seeds: steep in boiling water for 20 minutes for a soothing tonic.

To chronic bronchitis or other lung pain and the use of garlic and onions grilled or compresses the chest. Do not place the onions or garlic bread directly on the skin.

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