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Food For Thought - Great Read

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The Philosophy of Sex By Holistic Health Counselor Chad Hamilton, to read more from Chad go to www.healthybyhamilton.com

Eastern medicine stresses maintaining the health and vitality of the reproductive system. This is not simply to allow for a better sex life. It is also to afford greater vitality for the body as a whole and for the nervous system specifically. Sexual energy can become creative energy and facilitate mental or spiritual work. Many yogis use herbs for the reproductive system for this general energizing effect. Such herbs enhance our underlying vital essence; they do not irritate the sexual nerves or promote unwanted sexual activity. I'm laughing at myself right now because I'm a boy and this subject makes me snicker like an eighth-grader. It doesn't mean you have to, so stop and let me continue - this is an important topic.

Most diseases involve some wrong use of sexual energy because sexual energy is the primary energy of both body and mind. Most psychological disorders are based upon an inability to form right relationships and are largely sexual in origin. Therefore, the right use of sexual energy is a key to physical and mental health.

Our highly sexually oriented culture is suspicious of any weakening of the sexual drive. Lack of interest in sex, however, is not always a sign of disease. It can be a sign of the development of higher consciousness, with the awakening of detachment. It may be a sign of good health. Toxins in the system irritate the nerves, creating a sexual drive not easy to satisfy. In a body free of toxins the sexual drive is mild (and wild) and easy to satisfy.

It is natural for interest in sex to decline with age. Constant preoccupation with sex is not necessary; nor is it the highest human good. This does not mean there is anything wrong about sex; it has its place in nature, for sure. Guilt and shame about sex, however, causes more problems than it solves.

On the other hand, increased sex drive is not necessarily a sign of poor health or lack of spiritual development. The awakening of the subtle energies of the mind, stimulating the lower chakras, can increase both the sexual drive and mental creativity. This, however, can cause health disorders if not managed properly - or if not exercised it can be difficult to deal with.

Moreover, abstinence from sex can be a causative factor in disease. If the energy is merely repressed, vitality can stagnate and weaken. For this reason, sexual abstinence usually requires some use of meditation to turn it into a positive force. Sex is a creative force that must be used, and that if turned inward can transform our consciousness.

Excessive sexual activity decreases the essence of water in the body. It weakens the immune system and makes us susceptible to infectious diseases. Toxins transmitted through sexual secretions can circumvent our defenses and directly lodge in our deepest tissues. Sex without love depletes the vitality and deranges the emotions, causing many human problems. (I know, don't any of you say a word, no one's perfect.)