Bow Jewelry: A Style That Will Knot Soon Be Forgotten

Thursday, March 06, 2014

A bow is defined as a knot tied with two loops and two loose ends. For most of us, we first learned about the design of a bow when we learned to tie our shoes. As we got older, perhaps it was a bow for our hair. And now, as women, we can still enjoy the beauty of a bow and this time it's in the form of jewelry. For some time now, the bow motif has been popular in the form of earrings, personalized rings and necklaces.

In case you are wondering why the symbol of a bow has remained in style for some time, perhaps it relates to the historical meaning behind this simple technique. In earlier times, people would tie a string or a bow around their finger to help them to remember something. As jewelry designs emerged, the images of the bow began to surface. For some people, the bow is nothing more than a beautiful symbol, but for others it has a significant meaning.

If you are giving someone the gift of bow jewelry-wholesale jewelry, it may symbolize your desire to be remembered by the wearer. When she looks at the ring, she will recall who gave it to her. Because a bow was historically tied onto the finger in order to help the wearer to remember something, this is the perfect jewelry symbol for those who have a specific sentiment that they do not want forgotten. Perhaps you are giving bow jewelry to someone with the hope that they will always remember how much you love them or that you are thinking of them. If you are a man who is gifting a bow ring to your wife or girlfriend, you can add a humorous touch to the presentation by telling her that, like the bow itself, she has you wrapped around her finger.