Health Of Our Executives

Thursday, October 10, 2013

One of the ways adopted by many organizations is to provide their top executives annual checkup as an item of benefits package.

At BASF, for example, it exists since 1996 in partnership with the German Hospital Oswald Cruz, São Paulo. " Joey Atlas Scam step by step

He was just deployed by the need to assess and monitor the health of our executives systematically and regularly," says Wagner Brunei, HR manager at BASF for South America For other employees, Brunei account that there is a periodic Annual, which also aims to prevent and monitor health.

According to Antonio Carlos Till, director of Vita Check-up Center, Rio de Janeiro, the benefits for companies that offer check-up for its executives are numerous.

He notes, however, some like to gain recognition by its executive value given his health and, consequently, to himself.

"This returns in the form of a greater commitment that executive with the company, giving more of themselves in the pursuit of success of both," he says.

Another advantage for the organization, according till, is the assurance that their investments in vocational training their executives are backed by a health condition that will ensure adequate return and greater assurance that one key professional will certainly work because of health problems in the short and medium term. "

This is very important today, since the demand for executives with the labor market, in general, is very large, which can lead to increased wear and eventual development of pathologies," corroborates Brunei, BASF. Currently, the check-up is not covered by insurance. "