The Customized Fat Loss Review - The dynamics of weight loss

Monday, September 23, 2013

Do not know how to interpret NUMBERS AND deceive themselves - The dynamics of weight you need to follow in order to timely notice in time, if something went wrong. However, many slimming have relations with weights. If they see that the numbers do not change, then it is a signal to them: Kyle Leon You can have everything, go back to the dear old habits! But after you've lost weight, and you need less food - both passenger cars needs less gasoline than the truck.

It is important to learn how to interpret the numbers on the scale. The weight of influence of physical activity, salty food, alcohol, hormonal cycle - all factors that change the balance of fluids in the body, the difference between today and the weight can be 1-2 kg. That is one side. On the other hand, eating a cake today, you do not have to see tomorrow when weighing the consequences, and it can lead you astray.

Instead of the frenetic race for grams or completely ignoring the weights to measure progress every day, but regularly and assess their weight in the dynamics, in the intervals of months or years.Full Report on (

STOP MACHINE! Remember the main law of weight loss - It is unreasonable to hope that now you will lose weight, and then happily go back to old eating habits and favorite couch. Weight - this is what we eat and how we move.