9000 Marriott Mourinho hit Rooney! Chelsea opened five years 60 million contract

Monday, July 08, 2013

"Daily Mail": Chelsea Rooney is willing to spend a total of 90 million
Mourinho has put Rooney as their number one goal

Although Moyes in his Manchester United coach [microblogging] after the first conference confirmed Rooney [microblogging] will stay with the team, but that did not dampen the powers poaching the England [microblogging] striker desires. According to the "Daily Mail" reported that Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] still want to get Wayne Rooney, cheap jerseys and if he agreed to join the Blues, Abu will provide a total of 60 million high contract.

Mourinho in the summer, has been hoping to reinforce Chelsea striker, but with Cavani landing in Paris, staying confirm Lewandowski Dortmund,AC Milan jersey available Mourinho have fewer and fewer choices. Rooney has become the number one target of the Portuguese coach. Although Moyes has announced Rooney left the team, but the "Daily Mail" reported that the differences between the two sides yet to be properly resolved, Rooney is still not able to complete the contract.

Wayne Rooney and Manchester United now only two-year contract, his weekly wage up to 25 pounds. Moyes confirmed the Red Devils will leave Rooney,Real Madrid jersey but the two sides failed to renew a consensus on salary. "Daily Mail" that if Chelsea can convince people to sell Manchester United, Wayne Rooney then the price will be around 30 million. The Abu able to meet the requirements of high wages for Wayne Rooney, they are willing to Rooney out 24 million pounds of weekly, and provide about 5 years, the total price of the contract up to 6,000 pounds, Rooney will not be this difficult contracts impress. If the transaction is forming, the total value of the deal can reach 9,000 pounds. This is undoubtedly a price.

However, Manchester United legend Bryan - Robson believes that if Rooney to leave Manchester United it would be a big mistake. He said: "Obviously, everyone wants Manchester United's Wayne Rooney to play here next season, if he leaves, it would be a big mistake, then he will be leaving the feeling, I really hope that never left Manchester United. "

"Daily Mail" also revealed that, in addition to Rooney, but Mourinho is also concerned about Liverpool [microblogging] Benni Suarez trends. Arsenal [microblogging] Uruguay also have interest, but the team from the purchasing power has been speaking for star appeal, Chelsea are now at Arsenal on top.