AC Milan Allegri himself admitted was kicked afraid of Manchester City said it is impossible to win

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beijing time on August 1, AC Milan [microblogging] in the Audi Cup first semi-final 3-5 loss to Manchester City is not [microblogging] [microblogging], cheap soccer jerseys the team is once more a big deficit to 0-5 , played very embarrassed, coach Allegri also acknowledged the team in the beginning stages of some "fear."

"We played a very poor first half hour, the feeling is a little 'fear', almost no effective interception, while allowing opponents to play," Allegri talked about within the team in 36 minutes on 0-5 behind that "Many of the team players have never experienced such a big scene game, plus postpone rejoin the national team as well as the impact of injuries on the team, Barcelona jersey I would have expected the team will encounter some difficulties."

However, Allegri still think the team gradually recovered the feeling, "after the start of the game we played was not good, but we finally returned to his rhythm, the second half we even have a great opportunity to make the score 4 -5, many players have played great today. "He also made special mention of several players within the team," Vergara is not very understanding of Italian football, he also needs to continue its efforts to improve, which we must go through the process , of course, will experience some pain tempered, Manchester United jersey but we must for the upcoming Champions League qualifying good physical and mental preparation. Chaaraoui just return to training four times, De Jong and Muntari are also upgrading their body situation. "

As Champions League qualifying draws near, Allegri also asked about such a failure will not affect the team's preparations, which means that injuries and AC Milan coach striker Balotelli postpone such a great impact on the team rejoin , so the game does not need too much emphasis, "We are one with seven or eight players under 20 years of age of the team, after all such a defeat should not suffer too much, and now this situation down to which, in the game against Manchester City to take the initiative to win the game is impossible. "

According to Audi Cup schedule, tomorrow morning will be third-place match AC Milan, and then flew to the United States to participate in international Champions Challenge, Allegri also made special mention from Inter Milan [microblogging] Silvestre will be the transfer of rendezvous with the team, "we went to the U.S. to participate in the game when will usher Balotelli, Montolivo, as well as the Zapatistas, while Silvestre together also joined the team."