AC Milan pro exposure over 30 million offer from Arsenal giant: too bad again into the first three

Monday, July 08, 2013

Italy time Saturday night, AC Milan [microblogging] vice president Adriano Galliani attended a charity event, cheap jerseys he said when interviewed by reporters, AC Milan is a different Juventus [microblogging] and Inter Milan [micro Bo] of the club, while praised Balotelli last season's outstanding performance. In addition, Galliani has confirmed to the media about the number of clubs Buying Chaaraoui news.

Galliani told reporters says: "AC Milan have never dropped out of the top three, we've been over the past five seasons in Serie A on the podium when we experience a bad season, we still get third, but for other clubs like Juventus and Inter Milan, when they behave badly when they can not enter the top three. Serie A champions Juventus are still in a position, AC Milan jersey because they won last year, however, AC Milan is on the rise, at least we are one of the strongest of the three teams. "

AC Milan second half of last season, thanks to the outstanding performance of Balotelli. Galliani on Balotelli also gave high marks: "He is a top players from Inter Milan and Manchester City at the time is that when he joined AC Milan when I told him to continue to be a star, he really is value for money, 13 games scoring 12 goals. "media pointed out that, Real Madrid jersey AC Milan that Balotelli worth 100 million € 50 million after Galliani asked whether the Ballot Lee has a contract buyout clause, Galliani categorically denied, "We never thought to add Balotelli buyout clause, this clause means that as long as the player wants to go can go, whereas a normal contract make him leave, in addition, no one asked us to add buyout clause. "

The same attention and Balotelli is Shaarawy, previously, Chaaraoui during a crucial negotiations, has withdrawn from the market. Galliani admitted that this was Chaaraoui own decision, he said: "Chaaraoui received a significant offer high salaries, but this young man chose to stay and we are very pleased to be able to leave him." Under Italian media after the news, Chaaraoui suitors including Chelsea, Manchester City, Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain and Anzhi Makhachkala. Galliani also said: "I did not tell you is that we have received a very large for Chaaraoui offer, but I will not mention the name of this club, which is a very important club. Quotes How much? for more than 30 million. "" Italian football "means the club is likely to be Arsenal or Chelsea.

Galliani finally spoke: "We discussed the strategy of the team next season, we are ready to return to the 4-3-2-1 system, Chaaraoui glad to kick shadow striker position. Chaaraoui some progress recently ball shortage, but he is always very hard to play for the team, he was only 20 years old, there are some ups and downs are normal, so that the same thing will happen to Cavani who, two months, he also did not enter the ball. "