Barca join forces deliberately withholding Messi and Neymar requirements Neymar gestures play suspected

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Messi and Neymar together through the channel but did not play together
Barca all the players have been rejoin, but also had to be hand Martino Spanish media called the "all-star" combination of Messi - Neymar soccer jerseys Neymar and others took part in the Confederations Cup players, are Monday rejoin, he has conducted a joint training with the team, and motivated.

Macy's open arms to welcome the arrival of Neymar, clear the so-called "mountain hardly contain tigers" stereotypes.Barcelona jersey In the team's first training session, the two become very close, but also specifically Neymar and Lionel Messi uploaded a photo together, and filled with admiration, wrote: "My dream has come true, thank God ! "

On Wednesday, the long-awaited debut of Nei Maer finally staged, however, Neymar and Lionel Messi scenes together did not happen in the East Valley Macy was replaced after 3 minutes, Barca coach group before allowing Neymar replace Sanchez debut. And this is obviously intentional club Barcelona, Manchester United jersey ​​Barcelona top two superstars for the first time to the sensational sex scenes put together a more important game staged Friday Gamber Cup is a more ideal opportunity. In the beginning of the second half, closeup Neymar was given to sitting on the bench in front of people (probably the coach) gestured lens, alternating his hands are outstretched forefinger circle, much like substitutions gestures, But coach Lula did not make substitutions.

In fact, the game lets Neymar staged the first show is already a last resort. Neymar just arrived in Barcelona, ​​took part in the Confederations Cup in Barcelona player, only Neymar to Poland to participate in the game, and this is entirely because of provisions of the contract. Competition was supposed to be on July 20, but because of the resignation of Vilanova, Barcelona players feel is not suitable for competition, thus requiring postponed match, tournament organizers to accept the decision to postpone the game, but requires a few minutes to comfort fans Neymar debut.

Neymar and Messi had been on the field together, but the identity of the opponent rather than his teammates. The first two operations are the same field in 2011, the Club World Cup, the then representative of Santos Neymar. This summer, Neymar and Lionel Messi still charity race meet, but also as an opponent's identity. They fight side by side, and most probably in Gamber Cup competition, "the daily sports newspaper" predicted before the game, Neymar will play kick ten minutes, and will not, and Macy together. From 1966 Gamber Cup was established to commemorate the founder of FC Barcelona Gamber and set up, is Barcelona new season home opener, some important signings are Gamber Cup staged the first show, "Menezes combination" In front of his home fans for the first time together, to better reflect the value of more caused a sensation.

After the game, Neymar praised Messi again and said good relations between the two: "I told him very close indeed. Macy idol for me is, I talk to him, at his side was playing very satisfied talking about Messi is a great player and a great person. "Gamber Cup, it will be very special for Neymar because he wants the new fans witnessed against his old club Santos, right This Neymar said: "The game against Santos will give me a strange feeling, but I am now in defense of the Barcelona club and shirts, I will make every effort in the field."