Barcelona Inter Milan Champions sudden exposure purchased two wing Dutch striker contact is himself confirmed

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Although the Italian media that Inter Milan recently with Juventus today finalized the transfer Isla matters because one million euros gap is not large, but the fact is that this move has been brought to a halt, Sky Sports Transfers to disclose experts Dumas economic Austria Chile striker's future is still an unknown, cheap jerseys with Inter Milan Juventus planned negotiations have been delayed, but the player's agent is still actively linked.

Dumas economic Austria revealed that Juventus adhere € 7.5 million asking price does not relent, but  Inter Milan's asking price is € 6,000,000, though the gap is not, but still failed to reach agreement on the price of compromise, according to Sky Sports latest news, Inter Milan who have started looking for alternatives, AC Milan jersey the goal is Barcelona defender Juan Pablo Montoya, the 22-year-old young defender although not many opportunities at Barcelona, ​​but the Spanish youth team players, helping Spain U21 in 2011 and 2013 European Youth Championship sweep twice, he also got the call of the Spanish national team, the German "transfer market" to him is valued at 10 million euros. Because Isla transfer an impediment Inter Milan in the other wing players are also being actively acquired operations.

In recent days, the international Milan interested in Paris St Germain's 25-year-old Dutch international Van der Veer message is Italian media continue to be exposed,Real Madrid jersey while the player himself said in an interview, when expressed himself this summer to join Inter Milan is a very possible choice, "I Now no reason to leave Paris Saint-Germain, but the football world is anything can happen. "

Also linked with Inter Milan and there is another one Dutch international, Feyenoord squad right back Young Matt, his agent told the "whole market" interview to Inter Milan for himself confirmed this 23 young players are very interested, and has been with Inter Milan to disclose this were contacted, "Yes, we really talked about Matt Young, Inter Milan hope to get the Dutch striker, but now there is no specific transaction, our still in the beginning stages of exposure, as for the future I do not know. "" Turin Sports Daily "is mentioned Feyenoord out of the asking price, € 6.5 million, and represents the relationship between the two clubs is still very good, after In Castaignos of trading in the link is established, however, this will give Inter Milan players buy cheap as possible.

In addition to buying players, the clean-up squad overstaffing also need to face the reality of the team this winter to join the Serbian midfielder Kuzmanovic is no longer in the team's plans and according to Sky Sports revealed the news international Milan is also brewing between AC Milan with new players in exchange, Inter Milan AC Milan sends Kuzmanovic exchange Nocerino squad of Italian internationals, although the deal has no specific development, but Di Ma Ji Ao think that is very likely to make the trip.