Juve grab prey Real Madrid officially opened next week to finalize contract offer absolute core signature

Friday, August 02, 2013

Since taking office, Juventus [microblogging] coach Conti main use of 3-5-2 and 4-3-3 both formation. But the strength of superior midfield squad only four, and can not meet the requirements of three fronts, so have been trying to introduce new Juventus midfielder. Recent name is La Liga [microblogging] Seville's young French midfielder Hole Shakespeare, cheap soccer jerseys while facing Real Madrid [microblogging] strong competition, Juventus are still expected to complete the transaction.

Transfers experts Dumas economic Austria said: "A few days ago we said that Real Madrid [microblogging] plans to acquire Hole Shakespeare, but you must complete the transaction before the end of this week, if not completed, the transfer fails for some reason, Juventus will take the opportunity to intervene and request a quotation.Barcelona jersey they have been in touch with the middleman, is for this move and work. "Hole Shakespeare was born in France in 1993, height 1.92 m, weight 78 kg. Since 2004, he entered the club Lens in 2010/11 season, the first show staged French, but Lens relegated in the same year. 2011/12 season he played as the main Fayi League 2012/13 season at 400 million euros transfer of Seville, as the main campaign of the Spanish league. In July 2013 he and Bo Geba, together with the French team won the U20 World Cup. Hole Shakespeare was born left foot player, with excellent physical abilities, capable midfielder, midfielder, attacking midfielder, the German "transfer market" for his valuation of up to 10 million euros.

"Football Market" that Shakespeare both as 3-5-2 multi-hole in the side of the midfield, but also to lay the 4-3-3 in the lower back. He was able to together with Bo Geba for Pirlo escort, they will be the perfect replacement for Marchisio. In fact, this is not the first time spotted Hole Juventus Shakespeare, who served as chief scout Senxibilai said: "I was on the phone after the door Juventus work, then Ferrara is a youth departments. I remember one morning he walked into my office and say: Look, ah, these two young men caught my attention was exactly five years ago, we talked about the name is more than Shakespeare and Bo Geba hole, but then Juventus return to Serie A just, has not fully recovered, nor in the transfer market competitiveness.Manchester United jersey Kong Shakespeare is an absolutely outstanding multi-player, has a great future, he is a tendency in with offensive field, able to seamlessly integrate with Juventus, which players are good at and looking forward runs the ball space, once the ball on the foot will become very deadly. "

In addition to strengthening the midfield, Juventus also strive for the wings. "Turin Sports Daily" that Juventus next season ready to introduce the Spanish 23-year-old Ghanaian fullback Waka Suo. The player figure is not high (1.70 meters), but the full force (70 kg). He has extraordinary ability, there is a huge potential, the German "transfer market" for his valuation is 500 million euros. Yabiyani and Iba Bilbo also two hot names, the former experience more abundant but big on two years old. Yabiyani worth 900 million euros, Iba Bilbo is 15 million euros. Transfers experts Peiduliya said: "Next season will be the Iba Bilbo effectiveness Cagliari last season, he was an able Udinese Muriel par with talented players. Cagliari not want to sell him, unless received more than 20 million euros offer. "

Sell ​​the players, the Amarone, Quagliarella, Matri are subject to Everton's chase. "Sky Sports" report, Everton inquired about the price of Amarone, but Juventus demanded 10 million euros, do not want to let him go easily. "Slow motion" disclosure, Everton in the Matri was refused, again turned to the worth 10 million euros Quagliarella. Amarone and Quagliarella's agent Pozzo said this: "There is no negotiation, just show interest, I can not say the names of these teams." Matri favored by half of Europe, "Sky Sports" pointed out: Premier League Everton and Liverpool [microblogging], soil over Besiktas, Russia's Zenit St Petersburg over, both Serie A Napoli their intention, but they are unable to come up with 15 million euros. As Vucinic, "full Juve" Pavan deputy editor, said: "Tottenham Hotspur [microblogging] Bell after the sale, have the ability to buy Vucinic, but the asking price increased to Juventus 1500 - 20 million euros. And Montenegro striker wants to continue Champions League campaign, Tottenham but only the European Union. "

Terms of renewal of the players, "Turin Sports Daily" said Vidal close contract until 2018, his salary will rise to 4 million euros plus bonuses. "Sky Sports" said Vidal's agent will meet next Tuesday with Marotta, the two sides have negotiated conditions, and now only a thin signing. Marchisio also "Gazzetta dello Sport" published a manifesto stay in the team: "I'm looking Marotta talk is because of the need to analyze the situation, I want to clarify everything with the club in any case I never thought, just because they grow up here, these become the club's special people. Instead I Juve jersey harbor respected because I was fond of Juventus Every summer there are people who say I have to leave, but my dream is to Juventus retire, I will not grow out of their first team. "