Patriots star tight end back surgery recovery is expected within 12 weeks

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On Tuesday, the New England Patriots tight end Rob - Marcus Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) underwent back surgery in California, giving him the famous spine surgery expert Robert - Waterford Dr. Jin Si . According to sources, Khodorkovsky surgery is considered to be very successful. cheap nfl jerseys
     The exact recovery time after surgery depends on the recovery of Khodorkovsky case, it is estimated at about 12 weeks within. Patriots have not announced the date of the beginning of training camp, but is expected to begin in late July if it is, then Khodorkovsky will not be able to catch up with the initial training camp. Dallas Cowboys jersey
     Khodorkovsky had already received four times the left forearm surgery. Another tight end Aaron - Hernandez also had offseason surgery, the Patriots array currently has seven tight end, is the largest of all NFL teams. Patriots unveiling of the new season is September 8 warrior away to Buffalo Bill team. Chicago Bears jersey
     Has participated in 43 games NFL games, Khodorkovsky has 39 touchdowns, including 38 touchdowns, one rushing touchdowns.