Perfect passing attack plus long rushing touchdowns eliminated defending champion Seahawks

Monday, June 17, 2013

2011 NFL first off-card race lead in Seattle Qwest Arena kick-off, by the National League West champion Seattle Seahawks in their home game against the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. Quarterback Matt - Hasselbeck came four touchdowns, Marshawn - Lynch contributed 67 yards rushing touchdowns, the Seahawks 41-36 Saints enter the partition elimination playoffs. cheap nfl jerseys
     Saints game up to become masters, relying Garrett - Hartley's kick and Heath - Evans touchdowns 10-0 lead. Seahawks John - Carlson pick quarterback Matt - Hasselbeck touchdown pass in the first section after the chase the score 7-10. Section II beginning or the Saints first score, running back Julius - Jones rushed the ball 5 yards touchdowns. But then the Seahawks through two touchdowns and a free kick scored 17 points in one fell swoop will score significantly overtake. Before halftime Hartley kicked 22 yards free kick, the Saints 20-24 behind at halftime. Dallas Cowboys jersey
     Section Seahawks on the momentum completely overwhelmed Saints, Hasselbeck came again the offensive end long convey array, Olympus and more - Mel kicked 39 yards free kick, defensive end airtight did not let opponents score, 34-20, the Seahawks in the third quarter to expand the lead. The fourth quarter began Saints frenzied counterattack, first Jones had a controversial rushing touchdowns, slow motion shows the ball crossed the goal line before Jones seems to have knees touch the ground. Hartley penalty kick 21 yards after the Saints will be sent out to only 4 points. But after the Seahawks passing attack like a duck in a ground offensive also found a sense of running back Marshawn - Lynch besieged several players throw off the Saints rushed the ball 67 yards touchdowns, basically seal the victory. Saints in the last period of time has not given up, Telford Lane - Henderson then Brisbane passing touchdowns, the Saints try two-point conversion, but the new sign came running back DeShawn - Wayne rushed the ball without success . Seahawks firmly in control of the ball, the game ends. Chicago Bears jersey
     Seahawks quarterback Hasselbeck the field sent four touchdowns passing, let three catcher Brandon - Stockley, Mike - Williams and John - Carlson (two touchdowns), respectively, get touchdowns, called Seahawks win the biggest player. Running back Marshawn - Lynch rushed the ball 19 times forward 131 yards, and his 67 yards rushing touchdowns wild card race is destined to become a classic.
     Saints, since the previous two main running back Avery and Thomas both into the injured reserve list, they rely more on the game Drew - Brisbane's passing attack. Brees completed 39 passes audience 60 times, advancing 404 yards, two touchdowns contribution. Running back Julius - Jones 15 times the ball forward 59 yards, contributed two touchdowns.