Real Madrid officially announced the 23-year-old star joined ho throw 32.1 million Euro contract 6 years

Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Real Madrid officially announced to join Iraq Mendy
Beijing on the evening of July 12, La Liga [microblogging] Real Madrid [microblogging] official announcement from the Royal Society introduced a 23-year-old Spanish midfielder Ely Yarra Mendy, which is the fourth Real Madrid signings this summer .

Erie Yarra Mendy was born in 1990, had a total of Real Sociedad played for four seasons, cheap jerseys played 56 times, including 53 starts, 23 January 2011 The first expedition La Liga (2009/10 season the Royal Social campaign segunda, he played a second), but the 2010/11 season and played three times in the next two seasons Erie Yarra Mendy began to grow for the Royal Society of the main players, the 2011/12 season, played 18 times, in 2012/13 season, played 34 times, and all starters, his outstanding performance,AC Milan jersey but also to help Real Sociedad won the Champions League qualification for next season. Erie Yarra Mendy is the main Spanish U21, on behalf of the team won this summer's European Youth Championship, interestingly, Real Madrid currently has five members of the Spanish U21 Championship: Morata, Nacho, Kawa Ha Seoul and Isco.

Followed by Real Madrid official confirmation of € 32.1 million transfer fee, according to the Spanish "Marca" message, the Queen Yarra Mendy has also been an annual salary of 2.3 million euros for up to six-year contract.

Erie Yarra Mendy in an interview, bluntly joining Real Madrid is a proposal can not refuse: "I'm still on holiday,Real Madrid jersey has received an invitation from Madrid, this is a special opportunity that can not be denied, and this decision not easy, but I think this is a very good decision. "Ely Yarra Mendy while teammates and coaches Royal Society sent a blessing, especially for the new coach Ya Geba - Allah Sartre, I hope he can at the Royal social success.

Erie Yarra Mendy is the fifth array Madrid Spain U21 player, Real Madrid have also said the future of the Spanish national team's core team, which coach Carlo Ancelotti is undoubtedly a challenge, how to put these young people before Jun tuning molding is not easy, especially in the Real Madrid superstar that already has a number of teams.