Tactics: linebacker reaction

Monday, June 17, 2013

When linebacker dash forward, may be positive, "tough", "strong touch strong" type of assault offense; linebacker back if spread out, it could be used for offensive pass throw the "zone defense" (Zone Defense) , meaning the field will be divided into several regions,cheap nfl jerseys each responsible for one to destroy their division of responsibilities within the ball moves, or immediately after the other to intercept the ball, let him earn a few yards further downfield ; either one of the "man defense" (Man-to-man Defense), each responsible for a catcher with anti-(such as running back, etc.), slavishly entangled each other, determine catcher runs path, to make the right response. Dallas Cowboys jersey

Defensive player because it is in a passive position, so rapid response and accurate court judgment is the first prerequisite, and these had to rely on the usual repeated practice, the players themselves are also endowed with personality is extremely important. Many people may be more like when the offensive group of players, especially often can score receivers, running back or quarterback is leading figures, these people can easily become a shining star and the focus of attention, while the defensive players must be their posts, silently dedication and hard work, to be a nameless hero. Chicago Bears jersey