Tuesday, March 05, 2013 • Mesquite, TX 75150

Did you know it takes quater of a million crunches to strip away a pound of fat from your mid section. Wow! Hardly seems worth the effort right? You here so many do and donts when it come to core training. Here are 3 basic guidelines that governs the core work I and my clients do.

1. Always start with core - As the core governs just about everything we do in the weightroom why no...t start with it first? By training your core when you are fresh, you will achieve greater gains in strength and activate your mucles needed for a great training

2. Never do crunches on the floor- If i see you in any gym doing this I may be forced to smack you. Please use a stability ball or Bosu ball.

3. Walk the plank- I always start my core training with some version of the Front Plank. It teaches your whole body to stabilize and to resist the force of gravity. I have found that if you can hold the front plank for at least a minute your just able to do more in the gym. Period.