Monday, June 03, 2013 • Mesquite, TX 75150

 Eat your carbohydrates later in the evening , not first thing in the morning. We have all been told that eating our carbs early in the day because that is when we are most likely to "use" them rather store them. Otherwise called insulin sensitivity.

However, the problem is, both your lean and your FAT tissues are equally sensitive in the morning. And to top it off, your... body is in a natural fat burning state when you wake up -- it's been "fasted" all night -- and you immediately switch that off when you drive insulin up by eating carbs.

So what to do? Eat your carbs later in the day, especially if you have trained later in the day. Eating carbs later in the day has been shown to increase the hormone leptin, which controls your hunger. More leptin you have, the less hungry your are.

So this morning start your day with protein and fat, not carbs. Your waistline will thank you.