Thursday, September 26, 2013 • Mesquite, TX 75150

  1. Could on and on and on about this until I am blue in the face. Really love the subject that much. If you have been following my posts
    (if you haven't check them out here you know that the core has several components, everyone has a different opinion and it's main function is stability. Got it ? Good.

    There are ...2 different types of stability
    1. Static stability- where nothing moves like the front plank.

    2. Dynamic stability- where the core doesn't move but another body part moves, like your arms or legs. For example A Push Up.

    When exercising ( you do love exercise right?) you should be training both. Here is one of my go to moves when it comes to dynamic stability, the Pallof Press

    You can also do this with a resistance band around any solid anchor point. This with challenge your core, your balance and your low back. Try this today and let me know if the comments below how much you enjoyed this.