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It’s funny that I’m calling myself the “Balance Guy.” When doing single-leg work at the gym, I have been known to lose my balance, stumble, and hope no one saw it. Hey, it happens to the best of us!

A few years ago, well ok, 13 years ago, before I moved to the USA, got married and had a couple of rug rats, things were much different for me. I lived a life without responsibility, a life of excess and extremes. Too much work. Not enough work. Way too much free time. No free time. Didn’t exercise near enough.  I had no semblance of balance in my life whatsoever.

So why “The Balance Guy,” I hear you ask. (Even as you are reading this blog, I hear your mind tick. Cue Twilight Zone music………)

Five years ago, after being a stay-at-home dad (hardest job in the world by the way), I turned my passion into a career. I became a certified personal trainer.

Working part time allowed me to work in a job I enjoy and be at home in time to welcome my kids from school, so I could hear about their day.

While at work, I am teaching people from all walks of life how to move better, move more, eat better, reduce their stress and become more comfortable in their own skin. All of this started to rub off on me. I had ah-ha moment. (Yes, trainers do think occasionally.)

I realized I do have balance in my life. I have a job that I love with a flexible schedule allowing me to be there for my family when they need me. Also, I am there for my clients when they need me.

You see balance is so much more than just standing on one foot.

It’s about spending quality time with friends and family. It is about having the right amount of carbs, proteins, and fats to get to or maintain an ideal bodyweight. It’s finding time to exercise to achieve a healthy body and mind.

In todays heavily-scheduled, electronically plugged-in world, where we stare at our screens to check our emails and texts and sit for too long without moving, there is a real disconnect with people and our bodies. Ok, the soap box moment is done.

This is where I can help. I want you to have better mobility, stability, and strength, so you can move better and feel better, and I want to help you to better deal with the challenges of daily living.

Certainly I am far from perfect and still a work in progress, but you can learn from my numerous mistakes, life experiences, and my exercise expertise to tip the scales back in your favor. Let’s achieve a better balance….together.


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