He had vanished into space again

Thursday, July 25, 2013

 The victim invents a thousand pretexts rather than admit that one fact. Halo smiled at her own credulity. The night Vance had gone off to Fontainebleau without telling her that he was leaving she had imagined that he might have had an accident, had thought of applying to the police to have him traced. Luckily common-sense had prevailed on that occasion, and she meant that it should on this. She would simply wait and see. But meanwhile Frensides counsel returned to her. This man whom she could no longer make happy, who needed her so little Prada UK read:Vance left England a fortnight ago. Gave me no address. 

 She sat and puzzled over it till her eyes ached, as if it had been a cipher of which she had forgotten the key.Left England left England: no address. He had vanished into space again, and this time for how long? Had it never occurred to him that in his absence something might happen to her: that she might fall ill, or be suddenly called home by illness in her family, or, for one reason or another, need his presence or at least require to communicate with him? Idle questions! The truth was that he had simply forgotten Prada Handbags UK her. But it is almost unbearable to be forgotten.