Do you know the latest 3g tablet pc?

Thursday, January 24, 2013
This 3g tablet pc dual-core memory configuration 1GB large capacity DDR3 memory, a full large double than similar products in the market! Both the running game, browsing the web or open large files, 3g tablet pc dual-core speed advantage compared to 512MB of memory products. To meet more stringent performance requirements for high-end users.

This 3g tablet pc dual-core with a new generation of multi-point capacitive touch screen, super translucent, touch responsive, precise positioning. Touch panel with a double glass panel process with the of iPAD2 same structural principle, the use of advanced laser etching process with pure graphic design, Touch sensitive and accurate, slide, and put an end to any operation dead ends. The panel is made of high-strength tempered glass, high hardness without foil also do not have to worry about scratching. Either play the game or other software applications, Taipower A11 dual-core fluid manipulation feel can make you feel comfortable.

This 3g tablet pc dual-core with front camera, through QQ, SKYPE chat software to easily start a video chat, combined with network function allows you to carry out intimate contact with family and friends anytime, anywhere.3g tablet pc dual-core support OTG extensions, through OTG cable to connect all kinds of USB devices to extend the functionality of the Tablet PC and applications.