Great deals on 7 inch Dual Core tablet pc

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Samsung Smart 7 inch Dual Core tablet pc comes with dual camera design, video conferencing can easily capture moments. By S Camera built-in software, the user can not only shoot high quality photos or video from this 9.7 inch Quad Core tablet pc, you can also adjust the pre-edit mode , save a lot of post-processing work.

The 7 inch Dual Core tablet pc provides quick photos, music, video and file sharing functions. Through wireless multimedia playback, send files to other devices, storage, or cloud, so you no longer have to worry about lack of storage space.The same time, you do not need cable or USB storage device, anytime, anywhere remote control of your files.

7 inch Dual Core tablet pc preloaded with the new Windows 8 operating system, user interface and operating and ordinary PC without any distinction. You can install and run Windwos 8 design applications, and is compatible with your original Windows files, and computer peripherals. Both traditional desktop touch operation of the start screen, or the traditional mouse and keyboard operation will let you handy.

To provide you with the latest and most complete Windows 8 applications. Although the use of ultra-thin portable body design, but expansion interfaces including USB 3.0, the Micro the HDMI and Micro SD card readers and other body complete. You can move through a USB 3.0 card reader to transfer data, or connected via HDMI to the big screen presentations