How do Dual SIM Phones enrich the quality of life?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Introduction: This article briefly about my life is how to use their Bluetooth devices to enhance the quality of life in a little bit of experience.
1.thinkpad W500 (3 years ago acquired); 2. Logitech Bluetooth Mouse + Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard (2 years ago acquired); 3.motoactv its sports Bluetooth headset (six months ago to purchase);
4 Sony the MW1 Bluetooth headset acquired (six months ago); Samsung note2 + Nokia lumia 920 (the middle of last month acquired).
Let me talk about the use of Bluetooth on the computer:
Purchased three years ago due to the professional (architect), this graphics workstation, the W500 comes with Bluetooth, so I have to follow the optional Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, the phone when the transmission data also directly with the computer via Bluetooth. Eliminate clutter data line, which allows desktop looked very neat, usually the work of learning when the mood will be very comfortable.
Then talk about Bluetooth headsets and Dual SIM Phones:
MP3 broken, so he purchased the new Sony MP3 Bluetooth headset of these dual SIM phones six months ago, this Bluetooth headset Sony's first dual SIM phones completely sound quality inherited the fine lineage of his family, and also gave a price of original about 300 headset, excellent performance on the bass, the biggest surprise is this little thing through TF card to expand its capacity! Connection, you can connect the two devices, and completely not conflict, and call-back phone, music control, view SMS, the FB TW did not mind the pressure (Android phone) , there are 32 language support.

Mention Dual SIM Phones features important to mention here, Dual SIM Phones are based on a Bluetooth headset Andrews, Samsung note2 its connection cumbersome, while the 920 and its connection speed milliseconds to calculate the foreseeable Nokia technology really extreme.View more Cell Phones in 2013 here.